Suspect accused of trying to run over San Juan officer defends his innocence

He TMs the idiot that ran in front of the truck, Omar Garcia tried to tell a San Juan judge Wednesday afternoon. Judge: No one ran in front of the vehicle. I watched the video.

Garcia: He ran in front to throw the spikes, Omar countered. If I see a truck coming at me at a 100mph I TMm not going to run in front of it to throw spikes.

The video, taken from an Alamo police officers dash cam, shows Lori Casiano"the driver"speeding down several busy streets and narrowly missing innocent motorist.

A San Juan officer, just ahead of the chase, attempts to put down spikes in hopes of stopping the vehicle.

Casiano allegedly veers to the right and narrowly misses the officer.

Their intent was to inflict seriously bodily injury to include possibly killing the officer, San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said. There is no doubt in our mind and that is why they TMre getting charged with attempted capital murder.

Both Garcia and Casiano TMs bonds were set at $500,000.