Suspect arrested for robbery spree in Pharr

Adriana Sanchez is the owner of Sanchez Supermarket in Pharr.

Her store was one of three businesses that was allegedly robbed Saturday in Pharr.

"He was telling me - waving the knife " ~give me the money, give me the money, TM" recalls Sanchez of the moments she saw when a man walked into her store " knife in hand.

"It doesn TMt happen often here, Sanchez said. It doesn TMt happen at all, so it was startling because that is not a normal business day."

Sanchez supermarket is located on the 700th block of State Avenue in Pharr.

The other two businesses that police said were targeted were Hertz Car Rental and Dave TMs Music Center, both located at a shopping center located at 802 E. Expressway 83.

Pharr police arrested 18-year-old Santiago Joel Alvarado of Pharr as the suspect for the crimes.

Sanchez said the suspect was extremely aggressive towards her. She said had to fend herself by weaving through several tables inside the store.

"I just kept my hands up, (and I was telling him) that ~I TMm going, I TMm going, TM and he's screaming, Sanchez said.

He turns around and sees my quarter machine, and I guess that's what he wanted - just money.

Sanchez said that when Alvarado went for the coin machine, she took the chance to escape.

"When he did that, he just gave me a couple of seconds and thank God I reacted and I ran outside, Sanchez sad.

The suspect finally left the store and no one was injured, but little did he know there had been a watchful eye all along.

"We installed (security cameras) when we actually opened our place, Sanchez said. But (it TMs) a very good investment I recommend it to anyone with business. My husband insisted on me having the cameras - I didn TMt have any faith in them but after yesterday - it really got the ball rolling on seeing the man TMs face what he was wearing."

Hours later, police caught up to Alvarado on a home on North Dahlia Street.

He was arrested and charged with six counts of aggravated robbery.

His bond was set at $100,000 dollars.