Suspect on the run after stealing 45-caliber handgun out of open vehicle

A car burglary in Alamo on Monday night resulted in a stolen gun, but it was all caught on tape.

This home surveillance video shows a man rummaging through this pickup truck, a truck that is not his.

Here you see what is speculated to be a Chevy Trailblazer, the getaway car, waiting as the thief steals several items, including a 45-caliber handgun.

A weapon that the victim's family says, could be in the wrong hands.

"Instead of it being in the hands of someone that is potentially violent, we'd rather have it back for the safety of the public," said Jaime Sloss, son of the victim.

Sloss was at his home when the burglar got into his father's truck. His father called 9-1-1 the following morning when they noticed the truck door was wide open, and learned his gun, checkbook, radar detector and several other items were gone.

But the thief didn't realize it was all caught on tape.

"It's a very young individual, said Sgt. Lupita Valdez with Alamo Police. I want people to notice particulars on his t-shirt, he does have a logo and a circle logo on the back."

A logo police say could belong to a place of business in the area.

Sgt. Valdez hopes that with the clear surveillance footage, the public will be able to pinpoint the suspect sooner than later.

"This gentleman, this young man is very recognizable, said Sgt. Valdez. Hopefully the public can be able to help us quicker than the agencies do."

As for the Sloss family, they say it's unfortunate that the car door was left open that night.

And they have no idea who could have done this to them.

"I was trying to see if I could recognize who it was from the video, but I don't recognize him, said Sloss. Maybe somebody out there does. So that's why we're offering the video.