Suspect pulls roommate's bloody eye out of its socket, victim loses vision

Jerome Barlowe // Hidalgo County jail mug shot

A man lost his vision in one eye after his roommate pulled it out of its eye socket because of an argument over a bill.

The two men were arguing about their portion of the bill, while sitting at a table at Buffalo Wings & Rings in McAllen.

That TMs when Jerome Barlowe and his roommate went outside the restaurant and continued arguing.

Barlowe intentionally "dug into (the victim TMs) left eye and began pulling it out of its socket, according to an offense report by McAllen police.

A witnesses saw the incident happened, and police were dipatched to the restaurant on 10th Street.

The witness told police he saw the victim driving away when Barlowe chased after him and punched the victim.

The fight was broken up by several people nearby.

The victim said that he did not wish to file charges, and he had a hard time talking to authorities because of the amount of pain he sustained during the incident.

The victim was transported to the hospital after police saw the victim holding his eye together by pushing into the socket, police documented.

Barlowe was booked into jail on July 13, 2014 on the aggravated assault charge, a second degree felony.