Suspects in home invasion claim they were robbing stash house

Three men are behind bars and each are charged with two counts of criminal attempted capital murder.

The charges are in connection to a Wednesday home invasion north of Palmview.

However these men did not pull the trigger.

Wednesday Victor Casillas and three other men reportedly tried robbing a home north of Palmview.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they say Casillas shot at them.

Casillas was killed when deputies shot back and these three other men are left to deal with the attempted murder charges.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department said Enrique Martinez went with Casillas to rob the home while Jose Garza and Robert Morales kept watch outside.

Sheriff Lupe Trevino said even though they did not shoot at his deputies, the law of parties makes it so any accomplice to the criminal can also be held liable.

"Now on the attempted capital murder, since they were all together in the entire conspiracy, anybody that assisted them is also going to be held liable or responsible for the attempted capital murder of our deputies when they took deliberate shots at pursuing deputies." said Trevino.

All three men were also charged with aggravated robbery.

They each received a bond of two and a half million dollars.

These men told deputies they were looking for over 300 pounds of pot inside that home.

The sheriff's department said at this time they have no evidence to support the home was a stash house.

No deputies were injured in the shooting.