Suspects named in Edinburg shooting of officer

These six suspects will be arraigned Monday afternoon

Six people were arraigned Monday afternoon after they were allegedly involved in the home invasion that led to the shooting of an Edinburg police officer.

The shooting happened late Thursday night after the officer responded to a disturbance call.

According to police, the 24-year-old officer walked into a home invasion and was shot at multiple times.

The following four were charged with:

- Melissa Yvette Hernandez: attempted capital murder, aggravated robbery and tampering/fabricate physical evidence charges

- Victor Miguel Hernandez: attempted capital murder, aggravated robbery and tampering/fabricated physical evidence charges

- Luis Miguel Hernandez: attempted capital murder and aggravated robbery charges

- Benarbe de la Paz: attempted capital murder and aggravated robbery charges

The bond for Luis Hernandez and de la Paz was set at $1 million, and the bond for Melissa and Victor Hernandez was set at $250,000.

The other two suspects linked to the shooting, allegedly harbored de la Paz in an tempt to avoid his arrest.

Police said Danielle Valadez and Zachary Whittamore were faced with hindering apprehension or prosecution charges.

A judge set their bond at $250,000.

The Edinburg Police Department held a press conference Monday morning on the incident.

During the press conference, the department said the officer that was injured is an Iraq Veteran.

Police said training the 24-year-old went through saved his life.

The 24-year-old officer responded to the disturbance call Thursday night, and sustained gunshot wounds.

Paramedics rushed the officer to a local hospital for non-threatening injuries, and was released shortly after.

All six people will be arraigned Monday afternoon.

Action 4 News TM Valeria Aponte will continue to provide details on the arraignment.