Suspects steal purses during Brownsville bar brawl

A brawl at a Brownsville bar ends in three arrests.

But the suspects that were jailed were not involved in the fight.

According to Brownsville police, the men are accused of stealing women TMs purses at the Sportsman bar, using the fight as a distraction.

The subjects ran out of the bar towards the 800 block of E. Elizabeth said Sgt. Jose Trevino.

A description was given, and officers located three of the four subjects at the 700 block of E. St. Charles.

Police said 26-year-old Blaine Boreaux, 31-year-old Domingo Gonzalez and 36-year-old Elias Perez ran inside a random apartment that had its door open.

There, the three were arrested and charged with theft and engaging in criminal activity.

Eyewitnesses to the crime identified all three as the men who stole the purses during the fight at the bar.

The fourth suspect has still not been identified or caught.

The suspected thieves will also be charged with burglary of habitation, because the resident of the apartment filed a complaint for the three entering her apartment without consent.