Suspects Wanted For Killing Harlingen Woman Behind Bars

Rose Marie Gonzalez sisters now have peace of mind knowing their sisters' alleged killers are behind bars.

"The detectives were able to review the evidence recovered, they were able to review statements, provided by witnesses.

Once everything was put together detectives were able to determine that these 3 men were the ones that committed the crime, said Harlingen Police Sgt. Miriam Anderson.

The three men are: 21 year old Israel Martinez, 18 year old Jos Trevio, 20 year old macro Antonio Barrientos. Today, they went before a judge and received their sentence.

All three men are facing a murder charge, which is a first degree felony and a $750,000 dollar bond.

"Two men were arrested at their residence that's where the warrants were served the other male was actually spoken to as a person of interest and once we spoke to him he was placed under arrest here at our department, said Harlingen Police Sgt. Anderson.

The murder took place on Saturday February 7th but nobody took notice until Monday, three days later.

That's when, Rose Marie TMs, mother found the 35 year olds body in the apartments refrigerator.

"The cause of death was ruled as asphyxia and blunt trauma, said Sgt. Anderson.

"Somebody to do that they don TMt' have a heart, said Lisa Howell / sister was murdered

And although the family still wonders why someone would take the life of a mother of four.They can have comfort in knowing that these men are behind bars.