Suspicious package found at high school in Brownsville

Students being moved at Lopez High School

Many parents spent hours outside Lopez High School Friday waiting to hear about their children's well being.

Shortly before noon, local and federal authorities were called to the campus after reports of a suspicious package that had smoke coming out of it, found by students in the cafeteria.

Students and staff were evacuated from the school as authorities moved in.

I TMm worried about all the students because they are our tomorrow, Maria Rodriguez said. We're tired of hearing about bomb explosions at schools, knives, weapons - hopefully this is not the case and it's just a false alarm but we're worried."

Like Rodriguez and many other parents had hoped, Brownsville Independent School District Police Chief Oscar Garcia confirmed the suspicious device turned out to be a non-explosive device. It was made of firework powder and wax, compressed into a plastic casing, authorities said.

Still, students belongings were searched.

"The backpacks were actually secured in another location, Garcia said. Obviously we wanted to see if there were more suspicious devices and what not. Those items are going to be returned back to the students when the scene is cleared."

Lt. William Dietrich of the Brownsville Police Department said although there may have been a heightened fear due to the week TMs events in Boston, evidence shows the device did not have the intent to cause bodily harm.

"Somebody lit it, it had some sort of accelerant inside of it - not enough to the point where we would have an explosion - but it was not a bomb."