Swine flu creates daycare demand in Brownsville

Note on the door of Smart Kids Day Care

The swine flu closing of Brownsville ISD schools has caused an increase in demand for daycare services.

Area daycare owners told Action 4 News that they are seeing a spike in numbers of children between the ages of 5 and 13 seeking care.

Smart Kids Day Care said they will remain open for business but are taking every precaution.

We TMre disinfecting|we don TMt take any kids that we see have a heavy cough, runny nose, fever, said director Yolanda Pea. We have a note posted in front of the door."

But some daycares said they are following the school district in closing the doors.

Kids 1st Learning Center owner Patricia Ramirez said it could hurt her in the end if she doesn TMt shut down.

I feel that if BISD decided to close there had to be a real good reason for it," Ramirez said.

Her main concern is the little ones who she feels are more susceptible to viruses and her worries were only heighten, after learning that a parent that goes there works at Palm Grove Elementary School.

All of the B.I.S.D. kids are coming to me so how am I going to prevent my younger students from getting exposed to what the B.I.S.D. children were exposed to, Ramirez asked.

The Palm Grove Elementary School case is one of the reasons why BISD closed the district with a reported probable case of H1N1 virus.

Although Ramirez feels, she' may lose customer's this way, she feels she TMs doing what TMs better for the children at her daycare.

Meanwhile, Pea with Smart Kids Day Care said they are willing to close if children begin to feel sick.

We don TMt want to endanger any children, Pea said. Our first priority here in the day care is them. Children come first!"