Sylvia Handy found guilty on all eight counts

File photo: Silvia Handy

Former county commissioner Sylvia Handy was back in court on Thursday morning for sentencing.

She was found guilty to eight state charges, including theft and engaging in organized criminal activity.

In May, she pleaded ~no contest TM to those charges.

On Thursday, Handy was sentenced to seven years probation. Prosecution recommended that she be sentenced to 20 years.

The defense attorney had asked for deferred adjudication.

In the May court hearing, six witnesses testified in the case.

No plea bargain was offered by the prosecution before that hearing.

The first witness told Judge Flores that Handy not only loaned her money to buy a U.S. birth certificate and social security card, but she also got her a job working for the county cleaning offices and answering phones.

Handy previously served two and a half years in federal prison for charges related to the scandal.

She is accused of creating "phantom" employees and using their paychecks to pay illegal immigrants who worked in her home as maids and babysitters.

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