TABC busts McAllen bars suspected of selling alcohol to minors

Love, Hacienda 17, Bar 201, Shiraz, and The Old Ice House were all allegedly busted for selling alcohol to minors. TABC conducted a sting operation over the weekend, after getting numerous calls from concerned parents and patrons about underage drinking on 17th street. Sgt. Joe Cavazos told Action 4 news this is a problem that continues to grow as 17th street becomes a more popular hangout.

"So much is going on down there that we need the owners help in curbing some of the issues that are going on," said Cavazos.

He said underage drinking is not the only issue.

There is also vandalism, fights and destruction of property just to name a few.

Restaurant owner Blanca Estela agreed.

She said she has noticed a decrease in business since the bars started moving in.

"We don't have very good business, said Estela.

Estela has owned Morados restaurant for 18 years.

She said before the bars her restaurant was constantly full|but now chairs sit empty.

We TMve had a lot of trouble with business, said Estela.

There were two establishments that did not sell to minors, The Dirty Bottle and Flesh.

Action 4 news is told the bartenders who sold the alcohol have been arrested.

As for the bar owners, they have a choice of closing their doors for a few days are being assessed a fine.