Tackling Poverty in Valley Colonias

According to a report by the Census Bureau, Hispanics saw one of the sharpest rises in poverty rate.

The poverty of Hispanics rose 1.3 percent in 2010.

Cuz Ozuna has been living in Hidalgo County for 11 years.

She said for a while she made a living selling tamales, but she wasn't making much profit that way, so she decided she needed to learn how to be a business woman.

That's what led her to a program called Latina Hope.

Latina Hope is a program that helps women in poverty learn a craft and develop their own business plan.

Cruz applied to the program and was awarded a $500 scholarship.With that she bought jewelry and rented a location at the flea market in Alamo.

"There are so many women out there that would have given up already, but that's what Latina Hope is there train, help and guide you.

She said if more people motivate themselves to participate in these types of programs, they could slowly but surely move up out of the poverty line.

To see if you qualify for Latina Hope, call 956-783-6959.