Take the Action 4 News Pledge: Let It Ring

Distracted drivers are everywhere, local Attorney Ezequiel Reyna Jr. has seen the devastating consequences first hand.

Reyna says, "We've had situations were fathers have lost their lives because the other person was on the phone and didn't look they were distracted."

The Texas Department of Transportation reports distracted driving resulted in 103,526 crashes and 524 deaths.

According to the Texas Transportation Institute motorists who text while driving are six times more likely to crash than those who are paying attention to the road."

Abraham Padron of Safe Guard Insurance says, "We see those types of accidents all the time more and more."

Padron tells Action 4 News the insurance industry has seen the spike in accidents caused by people who were using their cell phones or texting while driving.

Padron says, "We see people that are good people that are business people that never had even a violation much less an accident, getting involved in an accident that otherwise they wouldn't be involved in because they were on the phone."

So "Let It Ring", think about putting away the cell phone when you get behind the wheel.

Reyna says, "It' just not a very good practice being on the cell phone and driving". "Let it Ring, it can't be that important let it ring, says Padron.

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