Take the pledge for Super Bowl Sunday

Over 10,000 people across Texas have sign the pledge to not drink and drive on Super Bowl Sunday.It is considered one of the most dangerous days to drive due to drunk drivers.

During last year's Super Bowl, there were 112 DUI crashes in Texas, resulting in 39 people seriously injured and four deaths.

"Easily if somebody would have made a wise decision, four lives will still be here with us," TxDOT Public Information Officer Octavio Saenz said.

Since October, TxDOT has been driving through Texas in their fan van promoting sober driving.

They stopped in the fan van in different universities, football games and H.E.B supermarkets asking people to sign a pledge.

By signing the pledge, they promise that if they drink on Super Bowl Sunday they will call a cab, a friend, walk or take any other means of transportation.

"I want you to think of the person you love the most and imagine life without him or her," Saenz said. "That's what happens when somebody says or one decides to make the foolish choice of drinking and driving, they take away someone that somebody loved," Saenz said.

The fan van's last stop is San Antonio next Saturday.

However, you can take the pledge online at or on Twitter @TXDOT #gameplan.

You can also do it by texting "Game plan" to 42330.