Tangled web of texts grows, more arrests could come

San Benito Police Department

What started as harassing texts to a student at Rio Hondo High School has spread to several of the alleged victim's family members and even their workplaces.

"She wants to kill 6 of our family members, people at my office," says Michael Rodriguez, family member of the victim, and managing editor at San Benito News.

Action 4 first reported this story two weeks ago after a Harlingen woman feared for hers and her families safety when she received violent and graphic texts.

"She said she wanted my daughter's insides to rot and for her to get raped by Satan. She said she wanted to shoot her and cut her insides up into tiny little pieces," says the mother of the victim.

Alexandra Gonzalez is the suspect in the case, but San Benito police say the investigation is stretching far beyond a girl fight.

"We have asked for the assistance of federal authorities, HIDTA in tracking some of the phone numbers being used in the case,"says Detective Rogelio Banda.

Victims are apparently receiving texts from several different numbers all claiming to be from the same person.

Authorities believe the person behind the text messages is using an app to go undetected.

"Technology is making it a little more difficult to pinpoint where the texts are coming from so we are getting help from outside agencies," says Banda.

There is the possibility that there is more than one suspect.

"There could be more people doing this," Banda said.

San Benito police say they are building a case against the person or persons responsible for terrorizing an entire family and are in contact with the district attorney's office to have charges upgraded from harassment to something more severe.

"This is not a joke, this is a crime," Banda said.

Action 4 News has reached out to Alexandra Gonzalez's family and they have not responded for comment.