"Tanksgiven" spelling error goes viral

Brownsville ISD officials said the sign has been corrected. // Facebook Photo

A spelling error on the sign for a middle school in Brownsville has gone viral.

Brownsville ISD officials confirm that the photo taken outside Cummings Middle School is authentic.

An employee at the school spelled "Tanksgiven Holiday" instead of "Thanksgiving Holiday" and put "Estudents" instead of "Students" on a marquee sign Thursday.

School district officials told Action 4 News that the sign was quickly corrected but not before someone had snapped a picture.

That photo ended up on the Facebook pages for La Southmost and then Brownsville Cheezmeh before going viral and gaining hundreds of shares on-line.

The picture has generated an on-line debate about the state of education in the Rio Grande Valley with comments ranging from humorous to very serious.