Taqueria busted with old beef and cilantro mixed in cheese tub

Taqueria Tampico on 5200 Paredes Line Road in Brownsville is the dirtiest on Food 4 Thought with 52 demerits.

The eatery is shut down for 2 days following a December 3rd check-up for no hot water.

Inspector photos show other violations including dirty floors, greasy kitchen conditions, a filthy cutting board, off-temperature food and cheese mixed with old cilantro and beef.

A re-inspection shows 14 demerits remain.

A double dose of dirty dining at a North Bridge shopping plaza in Weslaco.

Tortilleria Progreso scores 33 demerits on a health inspection report.

Neighboring business Valley Food Mart #1 scores 30 demerits. Both remain under the health inspector's watch 6 weeks after the initial inspections. Tortilleria Progreso is found preparing foods not approved by the city, according to the inspector. A report indicates Valley Food Mart failed a re-inspection. Their kitchen is shut down for 2 days for violations including off-temperature potatoes and eggs, a cross contamination concern, no soap or towels for proper sanitation and grease accumulation on the walls. A 3rd city checkup is in the works. La Especial Bakery on West Robertson in San Benito isn't keeping it clean with 21 demerits on a mid-November inspection. The health inspector documents the violations on camera and describes them for the Food Patrol. He says they show dirty walls and floors with beef juices dripping on the prep table, dirty pans where the bread is stored and baked, raw turkey drippings on the bread prep table and a cross-contamination of raw and cooked turkeys in the walk in cooler. Miguel Ornelas is the owner's son. He admits wrongdoing has taken place and wants customers to know that after 70 years in business, they promise to get it right! "We've been in an old building and all, and we've been at it and trying to keep it all clean," he said. Food Patrol fans are pleased to hear this popular bakery is taking steps to make the necessary improvements. "I think that's something, it's something towards improving it," Mariano Garza said. Ellie Weltmer feels the same way. "Well, admit it and try to fix it," the long-time bakery customer said. Jack in the Box on 902 Raul Longoria in San Juan is this week's featured top performer with zero demerits. Manager Sandra Morales is smiling the second she sees the Food Patrol at the door. "I saw you out there... actually Angela saw you out there," she told Action 4's Ryan Wolf. Angela is a big time Food Patrol fan. She's also one of several works proud to have a sticker on the door for clean. "It makes us feel great," Angela Gomez said. "It makes us feel great. It's exciting to know we're up there and keeping our restaurant clean." You know what the Food Patrol says to that--"Keep it clean!"

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Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

San BenitoLa Especial Bakery 350 W Robertson (21) *Turkey Drippings on Prep / Dirty Bread Pans*

BrownsvilleTaqueria Tampico 5200 Paredes Line (52, 14) *Cheese Mixed with Old Cilantro & Beef*

WeslacoValley Food Mart #1 2504 N Bridge (30) *Shutdown for 2 Days*Taqueria Progreso 2504 N Bridge (33) *Cooking Unapproved Food*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

San JuanJack in the Box 902 Raul LongoriaEl Pato 1626 N Raul LongoriaChurch's 1612 N Raul Longoria

ElsaHacienda 1550 W Broadway

PalmviewChurch's 1117 Veteran's Blvd