Taqueria De Jalisco, Stripes & Maira's Cafe busted for dirty dining

Celebratory high five

Taqueria De Jalisco #2 on 108 North Texas Boulevard in Weslaco is the dirtiest kitchen this week on Food 4 Thought with 28 demerits.

Workers are caught without hairnets.

There's a cross contamination concern with the ice and the scoop handle inside.

An inspector also found flies, dirty equipment and tripas improperly stored which looked spoiled.

The restaurant is a 2010 top performer with a sticker still on the door.

Yuriko Balderas says the staff wants to maintain that status of clean.

The waitress says work is already underway to clean things up and get rid of the flies.

"It was a treatment that we did overnight and then in the morning there's no flies," she said. "We've swept and we've mopped and hopefully we will get back."

Stripes on 2195 West Business 77 in San Benito is a low performer with 26 demerits.

The convenient store is busted with off-temperature beans, Improper employee hygienic practices and expired food that included corn, beans, beef fajitas and chicken.

Maira's Cafe on 3254 Boca Chica Boulevard in Brownsville scored 26 demerits during a health inspection.

A kitchen cop exposed more than 60 eggs left outside of a cooler and under the stove.

The inspector indicated they were left out for nearly 5 hours.

Photos taken by the health department revealed even more dirty dining along the ceiling, walls and inside the cooler with splatter by the door.

Ruby Tuesday on 8024 North 10th Street in McAllen is this week's featured top performer with zero demerits.

The Food Patrol surprised staff with a famous sticker.

Joe Trujillo is the general manager.

"Congrats!" Action 4's Ryan Wolf said.

Joe credits the restaurant's accomplishment with his staff's sense of pride with each individual station.

"As if this is my station... I own it," he explained. "So take pride of it."

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)


Taqueria De Jalisco 108 N Texas (28) *Spoiled Tripas, Flies*

San Benito

Stripes 2195 W Bus 77 (26) *Expired Food, Off Temp. Food*


Maira TMs Caf 3254 Boca Chica Blvd (26) *60 Eggs Left Out, Dirty Equipment*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)


Ruby Tuesday 8024 N 10th St

Mimi TMs Caf 3000 Exp 83

Khan TMs Grill 137 Nolana Ave

Ms. G TMs Tacos 2263 Pecan Blvd


Mari TMs Tacos 131 Salinas Blvd

Cedar House Bar & Grill 114 S 7th St


Whataburger 1100 N Texas


Subway 1501 S McColl

Church TMs 820 E University

Pollo King 1702 E University

El Pato 1110 W University

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