Tax Free Holiday Starts Friday

Everybody loves to save money, that TMs why tax free weekend has become such an anticipated event.

Texas shoppers get a break from state and local sales taxes on August 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

With the way the economy is, families feel this tax-free weekend is a smart way to kick off the school year.

As people start going back to school and have their little kids heading back to school, I think it TMs a good thing they get to save on the taxes with the school supplies and clothing said Rebecca Castillo, a valley shopper.

Texas is one of the states still going forward with the sales tax holiday, even though numbers are down for the state.

According to, Texas Comptroller, Susan Combs sales tax revenue for July was down 11.6% compared to last year.

And August isn TMt looking any better, so far this month its been down 6.8%.

But good thing the holiday is still a go, because many have been planning it for weeks just like Felipe Semetal who said I already have it on my calendar since 2 weeks ago.

Consumers can expect items such as baby clothes, diapers for adults and babies, swimsuits, underclothes, work clothes, uniforms, and school supplies.

But items such as purses, jewelry, hard hats, ice skates and glasses wont have a tax break.