Taxpayers money helping disabled man

Ricky has had polio since he was 2-months old.

He has been confined to a wheelchair since he was a young boy.

Just about every morning Ricky roams down Wilson Road in Harlingen.

The distance from La Victoria Adult Day Care to Expressway 77 is about half a mile.

A distance many of us may take for granted.

"Hey this is my street what can I say," Ricky Trevino said.

Looking through Ricky's eyes Wilson road is an integral part of his day to day life.

"Yesterday I went through here racing and I TMm just like going bump bump bump bumpty bump," Trevino said.

Something he couldn't do before.

Still Ricky was determined to live an independent life.

Then his mom died.

"It was sort of like my life was going to end when she passed away and saying that it was like it was ending because of the condition that I am in," Trevino said.

Like everything else in life---Ricky found a way to overcome that obstacle.

Each time a road block presents itself---Ricky pushes forward.

For about two years Ricky has been having challenges going under a certain overpass, but with the recent construction of the sidewalk, now those challenges have gotten a little easier.

"I'd like to tell y'all taxpayer people you did not spend the money on nothing this went to a good cause and hopefully in the future ya'll realize that," Trevino said.

Every morning when Ricky roams the streets of Harlingen, many know him for his spunky attitude.

Some streets it TMs almost impossible for him to get to.

They are not handicap friendly.

"Somehow or another I survived it. I TMve been through it, been there done that. Best thing I can tell you guys is don TMt ever give up if you find yourself alone, because it would be the worst mistake of your life," Trevino said.

Ricky said with a little perseverance anything is possible.Click here to follow Veronica on FacebookClick here to follow Veronica on Twitter

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