Taxpayers want more than patchwork

Patchwork of holes on El Dora Street, San Juan

San Juan resident Noemi Silva is tired of the patchwork of holes on El Dora Street. City workers filled the potholes with asphalt Monday morning but Silva said it TMs not enough. They want more to be done. "As of right now, I TMm going really slow and already behind me there TMs somebody trying to push me out of the way. I do not feel like it TMs necessary to go more than ten miles," Silva said. Although the potholes were patched up, residents say they come back each time it rains.

Silva said the potholes cause problems for her car.

She has replaced her tires several times and the potholes have caused damages to her car rims. Many drivers use Nadia Street to avoid the potholes on El Dora which neighbors tell Action 4 News causes safety issues for children in the area.

Neighbors said drivers go faster than the 20 mile per hour speed limit and are worried a child may be hit because of the traffic caused by the potholes. Silva said the patchwork is a waste of taxpayers TM money and wants a permanent solution. "Your happy to see the rain but you start thinking about oh, it TMs going to mess up the potholes all over again, so it TMs an up and down thing," Silvia said

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