Teacher accused of choking student faces assault charge

A Rio Hondo High School teacher is charged with choking one of his students. Action 4 News was on scene for the exclusive as an undercover deputy prepared to serve David Ben Cowan at his home Wednesday afternoon with a notice to appear before a judge to face his assault charge .

I'm going to walk up to his front door and see if I can get him to answer if not another adult, said the Rio Hondo Deputy.

Then I can serve them the paper.

Ben Cowan is a veteran science teacher at Rio Hondo High School.

Cowan was apparently locked out of his classroom by one of his students.

When he was finally allowed back in Cowan reportedly wrapped his hands around one his student's neck.

Superintendant Anneliese McMinn does confirm that the senior educator has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

With summon in hand, the deputy escorted us to the teacher's home.

But once we arrived, our cameras were not allowed on the property by one of the homeowners. The deputy informed Action 4 News that Cowan's wife was very distraught and wouldn't speak until we left.

You're going to have to leave, said the deputy.

Reporter: But I can go across the street right.

Yes you can, he replied.

At that point, the deputy went inside the home looking for Cowan. But according to the officer, the teacher wasn't home. The deputy tells us Cowan's wife tried calling him several times on his cell but couldn't reach him.

She was served with the summons instead.

"She was mostly incoherent and very upset, claims the deputy.

She couldn't find her husband which was upsetting her even more.

The summons is not an arrest warrant but Ben Cowan will have to appear before a judge.