Teacher suspended, claims no wrongdoing

Economedes High School

An Edinburg teacher is on paid suspension after several students came forward claiming she gave them alcohol on a school-sponsored trip.

The teacher is denying those claims.

The teacher has been at Economedes High School for seven years.

In that time, she said she's never had something like this happen to her.

Now she risks losing it all for something she claims is a malicious attack by a student and parent.

The teacher did not want to talk to Action 4 News 'on camera'.

She said she doesn't want to compromise the internal investigation that is going on right now, but has said she's innocent.

She claims one student did make a comment about wanting to 'get high' and drink during a dance competition over spring break.

She said she confronted that student and thought she had put a stop to it.

The teacher said she never thought this would turn around on her.

She claims her reputation and job are both on the line for something she didn't do.

Action 4 News contacted the Edinburg CISD school district and they told us that they do not release information during ongoing administrative investigations.

Statement from Edinburg CISD

"Edinburg CISD continues its administrative investigation involving allegations leveled against a high school teacher during an out-of-town school-sponsored event before the spring break.

It is the policy of Edinburg CISD to not discuss personnel issues during an investigation. It is also Board policy that an employee who has been accused of an infraction will be suspended with pay pending the findings off the investigation. In this case, the teacher in question remains suspended with pay."

It is the policy of Edinburg CISD to not discuss personnel issues during an investigation.

No charges have been filed against this teacher at this point and the district said she will remain suspended with pay pending the investigation.

Action 4 News will provide new updates to the case once the information becomes available.