Teachers do the wave to say goodbye

Alton Memorial Junior High

Today, eighth graders at Alton Memorial Junior High spent their last day at the school before heading to high school.

I TMve been waiting three years for this and it TMs finally here, said student Melissa Martinez.

To end the year on a high note, students were given snacks and were allowed to listen to music instead of taking tests.

We TMre going to miss them. They were a wonderful group this year, Patricia Vela, a language arts teacher said.

For three years students transition from children to teens in the classrooms.

Many of the students leave with big goals.

I want to be in law enforcement, my cousin inspired me, he goes to Baylor University, Martinez said.

For the tenth year in a row, ninth grade teachers lined up and gave a final farewell, which has become tradition at the school.

Teachers do the wave, literally.

The gesture is meant to energize the students for the next school year and to remind students that they are rooting for their success.

Teachers want to send a message to eight graders about their summer vacation.

Relax, don TMt do anything too crazy, and be ready for a challenging high school life, Vela said.