Teachers work quickly to raise money for a student with cancer

A couple of teachers at Travis Elementary in Harlingen have started a zumbathon, to raise money for a fourth grader diagnosed with cancer. Juliette Izaguirre was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 9 years of age. Her family currently does not have insurance; the family doesn TMt qualify for assistance. The drive to Corpus Christi for medical treatment has put a strain on their savings. Judith Munoz said during gym class the 9 year old "was getting headaches, and vomiting, she was off balance." After several attempts of getting checked out at Valley Baptist Medical Center, doctors found nothing. The family thought she maybe had acid reflux or maybe blaming her weight. Judith Munoz said "The last time she told her grandma, she said, no grandma it TMs okay they are not going to believe me anyway." Munoz says Juliette TMs grandmother, knew something was wrong and insisted she get an MRI.

What they found was a brain tumor that turned into cancer.

And despite the bad news, the teachers say the 9 year old is a fighter, she TMs upbeat about her condition, especially since she lost all her hair. Erica Esquivel said "Her mom had told me that when they first shaved her hair and went to Wal-Mart and her hair was blowing in her face and she said ha! I don TMt have that problem."

The zumbathon will be held at Complete Athletic Training Center at 211 W. Jefferson in Harlingen.

On Saturday, October 27th, you can find Juliet, along with the teachers organizing the event there from 9 to 11 am.

Tickets are only 10 dollars and you TMll get a pink team Juliet t-shirt in her support. Teachers at Travis Elementary hope that they will receive a lot of donations for this family.