Team effort brings down cop shooter

One of the seven SWAT teams in La Joya came from San Juan

One of the seven SWAT teams on Leo Avenue and 9th Street in La Joya Tuesday came from San Juan.

"The first objective was to rescue the officers that were pinned down. Second to get the neighbors out. Third was to subdue the subject."

San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez says the second fellow officers were shot by Joaquin Cibrian, the cavalry was called in including a 32 member tactical team comprised of officers from several agencies in Hidalgo County.

"This threat was not only against law enforcement but against the whole community."

Chief Gonzalez says San Juan's LEERT armored vehicle was used to confront Cibrian at the front door of the house when it was clear he was not giving up.

"This individual was not afraid, he was not intimidated, he was not gonna go in handcuffs"

All agencies responding played a part big or small he says, in saving lives and making sure Cibrian was taken alive or dead.

And the suspect did not survive.

"Yesterday's event was a team effort, everybody played a role."