"Team in Training" for Leukemia/Lymphoma Awareness

The death of 22 month old Victoria Zetina struck a chord with Valley residents.

She endured a 14-month battle with Leukemia, a cancer or the bone/blood marrow that ravaged her body until it could no longer go on. Her parents gave up their lives to stay at her side, which took an emotional, physical, and financial toll on them.

This is the story for so many other families across the nation, and the Valley.

A local organization, called Team in Training, hopes to send support, financial and otherwise, to families like these. They train for marathons in which they raise money that goes directly to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS).

This group of RGV athletes will participate in various marathons, including San Francisco, San Antonio, and McAllen, raising dollars with each mile they run, walk, or ride.

To donate, you can contact 664-1629.