Teen accused of threatening to cut girl into pieces

Alexandria Gonzalez // San Benito Police Department

A family living in fear, worried a teenage girl will make good on her promises to kill them and cut them into pieces.

"She text that she was going to shoot my daughter and cut her into tiny pieces."

It apparently started with texts to this woman's daughter who is a student at Rio Hondo High School.

"There were more than 700 in just 2 weeks and she's been doing this to my daughter for a year now."

The girl allegedly behind the thousands of graphic, threatening texts is 17 year old Alexandria Gonzalez.

San Benito police claim the messages were not only to the teenage victim, but also allegedly to her mother and several other family members.

"She got the numbers from her school records," claims the girl's mother.

The family claims the girl's rage worsened within the last few months and they've spotted her outside their home.

"We can't go to the store or even to work because she is stalking us."

Mom is frightened she will hurt her family especially since the texts threaten violence and death.

"She said she wants my daughters organs to rot and for her to get raped by the devil."

Police arrested Gonzalez but she bonded out and allegedly went right back to harassing the girl and her family.

"We are a good Christian family and we just want to live in peace."

San Benito police say the investigation continues.