Teen admits wrongdoing, says he should've put the shovel down

17-year-old Salvador Cepeda

Salvador Cepeda told Action 4 News his arrested was just a misunderstanding.

Cepeda said a group of men attacked him late Wednesday night.

When I came out the door I was already getting hit with the bat, Cepeda explained. It was just so fast and I don't know who it was. They hit me twice and then I took the bat away. A guy ran to the truck and pulled out a gun."

Cepeda said he ran for cover.

The guy shot once Cepeda recalled and then he and his buddies took off.

The 17-year-old said he ran after the men holding a shovel.

It was on his way back to his home, located on Truman Street, where things got even worse for the teen.

"When I got back the cops were already there. They asked me to drop it and I didn't," Cepeda admitted.

It got physical.

"The officer took the advantage and grabbed the shovel off of him, Cpl. Manuel Casas told Action 4 News. I don't know how he did it. They took him down to the ground. He didn't go down without fight. He ended up punching one of the officers."

Despite being the original victim in all of this, Cepeda is now the one in handcuffs.

The men accused of attacking the teen are still on the run.

"We want to know who these other men are that went looking for him. The men in the black Chevy truck, Casas said. Why were they wearing bandanas and why did they fire the shots in the air. What is this?"

For now, Cepeda will head to county jail for something, he said, was a misunderstanding.

Cepeda was charged with assault on a police officer and was given a $50,000 bond.