Teen arrested for assaulting girl in front of police station

UTB Police: 18-year-old Aaron Saenz

A Brownsville teen was arrested in front of the UTB Police Department after an officer saw him restraining a an 18-year-old girl.

The girl had taken Aaron Saenz to the police station because she wanted to file a report.

She told officers that after she ended her relationship with Saenz, he threatened he would follow her , no matter if law enforcement got involved.

After her class at the University of Texas Brownsville campus on Tuesday, the teen saw Saenz waiting for her outside.

She told him to follow her home on the bus, but really took him to the police station.

According to police, once Saenz realized what the girl was doing, he grabbed her wrist and pushed her, preventing her from going inside to file the report.

She called out to police for help, and when an officer arrived, he placed Saenz in handcuffs and took him in to the station.

He faces unlawful restraint and assault charges.