Teen battles synthetic marijuana side effects

      16-year-old Emily Bauer

      A teen's life was turned upside down by synthetic marijuana.

      A Cypress, Texas girl is now the face of K2 and the effects it can have on a person.

      Action 4 News first told you about 16-year-old Emily Bauer back in March.

      The once active teenager is now confined to a wheel chair after experimenting with K2.

      It took away 70-percent of her brain function.

      We've been following Emily's progress on her Facebook page.

      She is making baby steps.

      Just last week she got a new wheel chair.

      It gives her more wiggle room.

      Emily sits in the chair for at least 12-hours a day.

      She is now going through rehabilitation at TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehab Hospital near Houston.

      It is my third day at TIRR. I have physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech," Emily said in a video posted on her Facebook page.

      Emily has both good days and bad days, sometimes crying and screaming with frustration.

      She is now at a point where she can understand reasoning.

      Emily's support team tells her she has to work her hardest every day to get back her independence.

      Doctors say it will be a long road ahead.

      Some patients never recover from the side effects of synthetic marijuana.

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