Teen behind bars accused of burglarizing La Joya elementary school

It did not take La Joya ISD police long to find out who stole thousands of dollars in equipment from one of their elementary schools---despite the suspects attempts to hide the evidence.

"He was trying to clean things up so we couldn't get his fingerprints," La Joya ISD Chief Raul Gonzalez said.

But Chief Gonzalez said they did not need fingerprints---17-year-old Fernando Ramiro, Jr. gave himself away as he hauled a black trash can full of the items allegedly stolen from Enrique Camarena Elementary around his neighborhood.

"He was literally dragging that trashcan around-- trying to sell those laptops Gonzalez explained.

That's when people started coming forward and saying 'yes he told us he broke into the schools.'

Chief Gonzalez said Ramiro claimed he stole the items to make money---money he would use to buy drugs.

"We know that the reason he did it was to get drugs because he doesn't have any money, after everything he sold he still doesn't have money," Gonzalez said.

Ramiro admitted he stole the items|.he said he needed the money because he could not get a job.

"I have some pending warrants so no one will hire me."

He said this latest incident will hurt him when he gets out of jail. He said people make judgments when they hear a person has served time"so getting a job will be out of the question.

"Do you think it'll be harder now to get a job?"

"Oh yes, a lot harder," Ramiro said.

But he vowed this will be his last time in front of a judge"he said he will turn his life around.

No matter what Ramiro did, Chief Gonzalez said he deserves to finish high school.

Gonzalez said when Ramiro gets out of jail the district will do what they can to help him get his life back on track.

Ramiro was charged with three counts of burglary to a building and given a $75,000 bond.