Teen brawl gets physical after Facebook threat

Bruised eye after fight

Eyes bruised and swollen shut, bruises all over her body " all of it the result of a brutal fight involving 19-year-old Viola Mesa against a 17-year-old girl

"The fight started out all on Facebook, she called me out and said she wanted to fight me," Mesa said. It was all caught on tape. Several bystanders are heard chanting-on the Raymondville teens, until someone finally steps in to pry the girls off each other.

Mesa was repeatedly punched in the face and even blacked-out for several seconds.

"I knew there was going to be a fight but, I just went at it, I just didn't care," Mesa said.

While Mesa admits she agreed to fight the 17-year-old, she claims it was because she's tired of the bullying and threats she's gotten online and was only standing up for herself.

"On Facebook they started saying stuff about me - that I was the ~h TM word and all this stuff," Mesa said. Raymondville Police Sgt. Andres Maldonado said cyber bullying cases have become all too common.

In this case, since both teens agreed to and willingly fought, both girls could be facing charges regardless who initiated the taunting.

"When you're standing there about to fight and there's video of it showing you are not trying to run away and someone is not grabbing you and forcefully holding you down, and start engaging in a fight, Maldonado said, whether you win or lose, it's disorderly conduct not assault. Mesa claims she's been bullied all her life and although this time things went too far, she did learn a valuable lesson.

I made the mistake of putting my whole life online when I shouldn't be doing that, Mesa said.

Teens out there shouldn't be putting stuff like that because (they TMre) going to get in trouble, or drama is going to be caused, or like what happened to me - that I got into a fight and look how (injured) I ended up."