Teen certified as an adult for role in fatal Palmview chase

Fatal Chase in Palmview // File Photo

A Hidalgo County teenager has been certified as an adult to stand trial for being the driver in a fatal chase that killed nine illegal immigrants.

Teenage suspect Junior Benjamin Rodriguez has been in court this week for a special hearing to see if he would be certified as an adult in the case.

Judge Mario Ramirez with the 332nd State District Court sided with prosecutors certifying Rodriguez as an adult.

Rodriguez, who was 15 years old at the time of the crime, is accused of fleeing from Border Patrols agents in a chase that ended in a crash where nine illegal immigrants were killed.

The Hidalgo County teen is expected to be charged with murder for each person killed in the fatal chase.

Rodriguez was arraigned as an adult before a judge where he was issued a total of $225,000 dollars for all nine charges.

The case will then be presented before a Hidalgo County grand jury for indictment.