Teen Dating Violence Text Hotline

It was Vice President Joe Biden who sent the first "LoveIs" text to 77054.

His text launched the first teen dating violence hotline available through text. It TMs made possible by

The 24/7 hotline is meant to give teens and young adults a place to ask questions about relationships or seek help.

Friendship of Women Education Coordinator Claudia Cerda said the hotline is needed in the Rio Grande Valley.

She said teen dating violence is a real problem in the area.

"It's very difficult for victims to speak-up because they TMre afraid, they don TMt know there TMs help, they think they are the only ones or they are ashamed," Cerda said.

Maria Galvan is confident the teen-friendly system will help save lives.

"Kids these days, they love to text," Galvan said.

Her daughter, 17-year-old Tiffany Galvan, was one of the three teens that died in 2010 in Texas, as a result of dating violence.

Tiffany TMs 16-year-old boyfriend, allegedly stabbed her to death at a Brownsville park.

"I lost my daughter and it would be very sad for me to hear that something like that gets to be repeated again, Galvan said. It's very painful and it's very sad."

Galvan said she had good communication with her daughter, but believes Tiffany, like many other teens, wasn't comfortable talking to her about relationship problems, sex or teen pregnancy.

Had the texting system been available a year ago, Galvan said, her daughter might not be dead.

"That could've helped saved my daughter's life " yes, Galvan said. So I TMm very happy that this system is coming-in."

Galvan hopes teens will save the number 77054 on their cell phones, before becoming another victim of teen dating violence.