Teen finds & returns envelope with $1,600 in cash

      Kayla Blackmon // San Antonio Express-News Website Image

      A teenager is receiving many happy returns after turning in an envelope she found stuffed with $100 bills.

      Kayla Blackmon was sweeping the dining room floor after a rush of customers last week at Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in San Antonio.

      She found the envelope on the floor with $1,600 inside.

      The 17-year-old turned it over to restaurant managers who then checked video to determine which customer may have dropped it.

      Soon after a man walked in who "looked really nervous." He had intended to use the money for a Christmas vacation.

      Blackmon told the San Antonio Express-News on Thursday that the customer expressed his gratitude by giving her $100.

      The restaurant owner, meanwhile, gave her a $100 gift card. She also was chosen employee of the month.