Teen found unconscious tied up and gagged

A teen continues to recover after she was found unconscious, tied up, and gagged with her own ripped clothes.Behind a red door in an adjacent duplex property of the 1200 block of El Pinto Road is a terrible reminder of what happened to "Jane's" daughter Friday night."He had ripped clothes and he had tied her up to the back, had the legs to the back and her mouth was tied up and she was passed out," Jane" said."Jane said her daughter went out to throw the trash, 30 minutes later, she still had not come back.That was when the worst crossed Jane TMs mind.She said her nephew went to check on her daughter and found the bag of trash, lying on the ground.The teen was nowhere in sight.Jane immediately called police."I got scared right away, I knew something had happened to her, we called the cops and I knew she didn't have any shoes on, so I knew she couldn't of left on her own," Jane" said.The teen's family said a man had been stalking the high school senior for months.They said the man would watch the teen while she was at the school bus stop, send her text messages, call her, and send her messages through Facebook.He even went as far as watching the teen from the duplex next door.These were all signs that family members said they ignored"they thought it would not get this far."[Call the cops! Tell them to come back I found her] he yelled [get me a knife she is all tied up]," she said.While the teen was found safe and sound, Friday TMs events will forever be engraved in the family TMs mind.They told Action 4 News if they would have reported the stalking incidents, maybe this would not have happened.The family said they will continue to live in fear until the person who did this is finally behind bars.Investigators with the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office said no arrest have been made and the case remains under investigation.Click here to follow Veronica on FacebookClick here to follow Veronica on Twitter