Teen killer back in the valley, victim's mother outraged

Tiffany Galvan with Javier de la Rosa

She had what her family and friends considered the voice of an angel.

"I just live with her memories."

Videos she took of herself and her friends at the end of her junior year in high school in 2010 and over the summer are the only way Maria Esther Lerma can hear her daughter's voice.

"It's been very hard for me because I thought the chapter was closed."

Tiffany Galvan's killer was sentenced to 90 years, eligible for parole in 30, but he filed an appeal and is back in the Cameron County detention center to settle an issue about missing records from his file.

Since August Javier de la Rosa has been incarcerated just blocks from where Esther and her 17 year old daughter lived before he murdered the girl in August of 2010.

"It's very unfair for him to get another chance because my daughter doesn't get another chance to live. he had enough time to think about what he was going to do. He planned it. He knew the time and the place. It's very sad for me because I want to start a new beginning and I haven't been able to."

Esther turned to Action 4 after learning her daughter's murderer was back in town and upset she was not notified of his appeal hearing by the Cameron County District Attorney's office.

"They told me they were going to notify me in case they bring him here and I never got a call from them."

Whatever the reason for de la Rosa being back in the valley, Esther says she has the right as the victim's mother to know his every move.

"I want to be notified at all times any changes they have on Javier. I feel bad that I couldn't be there in the court to show support for Tiffany.I just saw her leave and I didn't see her return. It hurts me the way he took her life. He left her there worse than an animal. He left her to rot."

A tragic ending to a life full of joy.

"She died without love, she died with hate and she needed mommy and daddy there to defend her."

It's been hard for Esther to let go of the past, she still hasn't touched her daughter's room even after 3 years.

"Her clothes, her shoes, her guitar, her books, everything."

But if she can feel confident Tiffany's killer will serve his time, this mom may not have to mourn eternally.

"I tell her if she's listening to me, I love her and I miss her that I'm okay and to rest in peace, one of these days we'll meet again.

According to court records, de la Rosa received the missing paperwork but was denied any further action for an appeal at this time. He was being held at the Carrizales Rucker Detention

Center awaiting transfer back to prison in Midway, Texas.

We requested comment from the District Attorney's office in Cameron County and have yet to get a reply as to why Esther was not notified of Javier's court appearance.

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