Teen left paralyzed in graduation day accident surprised at hospital

Dominga Delgado can't get the words of a San Benito teen left paralyzed in a car accident out of her head.

"I would never want to see my kids go anywhere else but stay with me... And that's what I would like for this kid to do... Go home with his family," Dominga said.

We first introduced you to Daniel Olivarez last week on Action 4 News.

"I just want to go home," Daniel said in an interview with Action 4's Hannah Linn.

The 18-year-old, who's paralyzed from the waist down, can't go home because his healthcare providers believe substandard living conditions there, with no water or electricity, would interfere with his recovery.

But despite his incredible challenges, Daniel has proven to be an inspiration with his faith, belief in family and positive outlook with his future.

It's made Dominga realize what's really important in life.

"I want to Pay it 4Ward because I've gotten stuff in my life... And I want to Pay it 4Ward to someone else who doesn't have it... God's helped me a lot... And now it's my turn to Pay it 4Ward," she said.

Domingo Reyna, with the Pronto Prepaid Card, has the Pay it 4Ward prize as sponsor of the weekly program.

"This is the actual Pay it 4Ward in action," Domingo said. "This is what it goes down too... Being able to help somebody... She was able to see this story... She's reaching out in a way to Pay it 4Ward to somebody that needs it at the moment... So we're proud here at Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News to give you this $400 to Pay it 4Ward."

To pull off the surprise, Action 4's Ryan Wolf and Dominga Delgado travel to the third floor at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.

Ryan: Your story has touched people in ways I don't think I can fully explain to you... So I brought somebody here who reached out to me at Action 4 News to tell you what you've done for her... And I want to introduce you to Dominga... Dominga come on in.

Dominga: I just want to let you know that your story has inspired me... To help you get home to your family... And on behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News... Here's $400... I hope you get home to your family... Thank you very much.

Daniel: I'm really surprised... I never thought this was going to happen. It makes me feel happy and real thankful for helping me so I could go back home.

Daniel is confident the Pay it 4Ward money will help make that a reality.

But it's the support from people like Dominga that will truly help to get him back on his feet.

"One day I'm going to be able to walk," Daniel said.

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