Teen now fed through tube after internal injuries on football field

David Anthony Serna

A 14 year old seriously injured during football practice hits home for parents and school district officials in Weslaco.

"It is very unfortunate what happened to David," said Dr. Ruben Alejandro, Weslaco ISD Superintendent.

We first told you about David Anthony Serna's life threatening injuries almost a month ago. He was hit during morning football practice at Weslaco High School and ended up being flown to San Antonio for emergency surgery on his pancreas and intestines.

"He fell on top of the ball and got tackled by the other players."

The 9th grader was immediately ill and went to the trainer.

Dr. Alejandro says there were no initial signs of internal bleeding.

"The trainer is very experienced and checked him out, but there was no visible sign that he had internal injuries. Still the trainer told him to contact his mom and go see the doctor."

According to David's mother, there was no time to spare since the injuries were so severe.

And weeks later, he's back in that same hospital fighting off infection and high fevers.

He's being fed through a tube in his stomach since he can't eat.

The superintendent says when it comes to contact sports there is always a threat of injury, but he also says his trainers did everything to help David.

"They are certified and trained to deal with injured athletes."

The school district is covering all medical expenses for the teen and money is being raised at football games and on campuses to help with extra money issues the family must face having to travel to San Antonio and stay there for weeks on end.

"They are away from their jobs and David is missing school."

The district maintains that they followed all protocol after David got hurt and now they, like the family and community, are praying for his full recovery.

Again David's medical expenses are 100% covered by the school district, but his family is still in need of donations to help with travel and lodging expenses while they wait for David to recover.

You can make a monetary donation at IBC Bank under Benefit for David A. Serna, Acct. Number: 2513123956

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