Teen runs from would-be kidnapper at school

Gutierrez Middle School // Harlingen

Most parents assume their children are safe at school but every once in a while something goes wrong on campus.

Stranger danger becomes reality for one middle school student in Harlingen.

The 13-year-old girl was almost kidnapped outside of Gutierrez Middle School but it was her quick thinking that left her would-be abductor empty handed.

Monday afternoon, a man who thought he could lure a girl into his pickup, pulled into the school parking lot.

Yvette Rodriguez was waiting for her ride home.

That's when her mother said the alleged pedophile pulled up.

"She told me that some guy came up to her and he asked her to do some unspeakable things with her. He actually came up and satright next to her, right outside the front door of the middle school," said Jessica Lombera.

Her daughter Yvette took off running, making it inside the school office to ask for help.

Staff called police but the outcome could have been different.

"He could have took my kid at any time. He could have just took her and nobody would have known," said Lombera.

According to Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, security cameras on campus did not catch the incident.

The protective mother is worried about other children at the school too.

She wants more done to keep this close call from happening again.

"I'm scared for everybody," said Lombera.

The district tells Action 4 News they are increasing security, hoping that they will be able to keep a better eye on those who may be watching their students.

In a statement on the attempted kidnapping HCISD says "our number one priority is the safety of our students and staff.

As the school year progresses we will continue to review our schools and facilities to ensure they remain the safest environment for our students."

"I think the worst would have happened. I think he could have kidnapped her, took her somewhere and did some stuff to her," said Lombera.

Yvette went home crying, but she made it home, something her mom says she'll make sure happens again.

She'll be picking her daughter up from school herself.

Other girls at the school, claim they also saw a man cruising by and watching them.

The teen's mom says she'll pull her daughter out of extracurricular activities to keep a better eye on her.

Yvette now has nightmares after the encounter.

If you have any information on the suspect seen driving an older model red pickup at the school, contact Harlingen police at (956) 216-5400.

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