Teen stands up to cyber bullying

Comment after comment from different users unveil a Facebook war full of accusations, name calling, and threats.

Lyford Middle School 8th grader Brianna Sosa, 13, tells Action 4 News, she TMs the victim caught in the middle.

The teen said it TMs been going on the entire summer and it all started over a boy.

Sosa claims several girls have been attacking her and even creating fake accounts on Facebook under her name.

"They are just saying a whole bunch of stuff about me, mean ugly mean stuff, Sosa said. And that same girl made a fake profile of herself telling everyone it's me."

Claudia Cerda, education coordinator at Friendship of Women in Brownsville, said although this is a newer form of bullying it's just as damaging.

She adds it TMs possibly even more damaging because once something hits the internet, it's disbursed almost immediately and to countless amounts of people.

"Sometimes bullies don TMt like to confront (victims), Cerda said. Social media is everywhere, so bullies use it to get the word out, it TMs easier.

Brianna's mother tells Action 4 News she forced her daughter to delete her Facebook account when she found out about the alleged cyber bullying, and began documenting all the postings and alleged fake profiles.

Brianna said the cyber bullying even pushed her own friends away, because they were afraid the alleged bullies would go after them next.

"I don TMt know, seeing that makes me sad, Sosa said. To see people saying stuff about me, and this and that, and they don TMt know me, it makes me sad."

The teen said she doesn't know if her story will stop the bullies in their tracks, but Sosa said she won't let them back her into a corner any longer.