Teenage uncle smokes pot around asthmatic baby

Cameron County Sheriff's Department: Omero Rodriguez

While sheriff deputies were searching for a Brownsville man with a warrant out for his arrest, authorities took his brother into custody for smoking marijuana in front of a baby.

Cameron County Sheriff TMs Department charged Omero Rodriguez with Endangering a Child and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Authorities arrested the 18-year-old at a home on the 900 block of Paso del Rio Dr. while searching for his 22-year-old brother Isaac Rodriguez, who was wanted for aggravated assault.

As deputies approached the home, Omero jumped out of a side window and failed in an attempt to cross over a fence.

Isaac was still inside the home with his 1-year-old daughter.

As they walked inside, deputies said the smell of marijuana was emitting from the home.

Authorities approached the little girl and noticed her eyes were droopy and she had a bad cough. They also saw her nebulizer on top of a sofa. The 1-year-old suffers from asthma or bronchitis, according to the baby TMs aunt.

Omero said he ran from the deputies because he was smoking marijuana in his room. Authorities searched the room and found drug paraphernalia on top of his night stand.

When Issac was asked how he felt about marijuana being smoked around his baby, the 22-year-old said his brother was old enough to make his own decisions and he did not control him.

Omero was given a $20,350 bond and Issac was given a $5,000 bond for his outstanding warrant.

Child Protective Services was contacted.

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