Teens accused of ransacking home, threatening neighbor with gun

Trio arrested by police

A trio of men who allegedly robbed a home in mission were caught in McAllen.

According Mission police, the men broke into a home off san roman street in Mission. There they stole several items and then threatened neighbors with a gun.

The three allegedly told the witnesses not to call police.

The men drove away from the empty home, but were later caught allegedly breaking into another house in McAllen.

They TMre accused of taken three laptops, a PlayStation, a flat screen TV, an iPhone, and iPad, jewelry, colognes, perfumes, and seven PlayStation games or DVDs.

They went into the home through the back door, according to an affidavit.

Authorities were able to arrest 17-year-old Isaiah Garcia, 17-year-old Ivan Labstida, and 18-year old Maximiliano Rojas in connection to the crime.

"One of the guys who was in the Tahoe got out with what we believe to be an AR-15 gun and he pointed it at one of those people, who did have anything to do with it. He was walking by and he told him if he calls the police he was going to shoot him, Cpl. Manny Casas with the Mission Police Department said.

All three appeared before a judge on Thursday, April 17.

Garcia and Rojas each received a $500,000, while Rojas received a $25,000.

Two juveniles were also arrested, but they will be charged in juvenile court.