Teens accused of using ~five-finger discount TM for makeup shopping spree

Joahnna Rodriguez // Harlingen PD

Two women are behind bars for allegedly stealing merchandise from a Harlingen Walmart.

The incident happened at 1801 W. Lincoln Avenue Tuesday afternoon.

According to Harlingen police, an employee said they saw Joahnna Rodriguez and Viviana Pinon stealing DVD TMs, lighters and makeup items. The employee reported to police the women then exited the store without making an attempt to pay for the items.

Authorities told Action 4 News that the women were then escorted inside the store.

The employee recovered the DVD TMs, lighter and makeup items from the women, valued at almost $100.

Police charged both the Harligen residents with theft, a Class B misdemeanor and transported them to the City Jail.

A bond of $2,000 was set for 18-year-old Rodriguez.

A bond of $3,000 was set for 18-year-old Pinon.