Teens charged in connection to Mission woman's murder

Mission Police Chief Martin Garza speaks with reporters.

A teenager has been charged with the murder of Mission mother Christine Kalifa.

Authorities found the body of the 23-year-old mother of three lying on the side of Moorefield Road

Mission police said 18-year-old Aaron Gonzalez is the one who pulled the trigger---shooting Kalifa in the neck.

But he's not the only one facing charges in connection to this murder.

Police are also charging Jose Luis Garcia with aggravated robbery and Ivan Zambrono with tampering with evidence. Investigators said an argument between them and Kalifa earlier that day was the motive for the murder.

Kalifa wanted to leave and walked away from the scene.

Gonzalez went up to her and shot one round to the back of her neck.

The actual crime scene is where she was found early that morning.