Teens hold pro-life rally in San Juan

Some valley teens are taking a stand against abortion. Sunday dozens of them took to the streets of San Juan and carried signs and posters to show their support for pro-life.

Angelica Castilleja is 16-years-old and a member of St. Pius Church in Weslaco.

She told Action 4, it TMs their way of spreading a message that so often times many their age don TMt hear.

There's a lot of young mothers that are even 14 that are pregnant they go the wrong path due to influences, said Castilleja. We believe that pro life is a good thing because nobody should have that right to choose life or death."

But for Angelica, this is an opportunity to share God's scripture.

Jeremiah 1:9 I knew u before you were born...Jesus has a plan for all of us and for people who are going for abortion this just basically defeating the purpose of that scripture."

That is why, for the past 6 years, Angelica's church along with several others gathered at the San Juan Basilica to show their support for pro-life.

Organizers said they do it around this time in January because it coincides with the anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling of "Roe vs. Wade".

But those on the other side of the debate weren TMt too far away.

Moments after these pro-lifers began assembling, those who think a woman has the right to choose showed up. Even though they were outnumbered they also came armed with signs.

We we're brought here for a love for life, Father Alejandro Flores from St. Pius X Church. They were brought here for what they perceived as their own kind of spin on it." Whether it TMs a spin on it or not, there TMs no doubt the abortion debate will live on.

And for these teens, which are the faces of tomorrow, they hope their message will change some minds.