Teen's leg shattered saving 3-year-old from being struck by car

Pablo Ayar is being called a hero.

He jumped in the middle of the street to save his 3-year-old cousin.

He was struck by the car and doctors are now working to save his leg, but Ayar said just knowing the child is safe, he'd do it all over again.

"It's an unimaginable pain [that] I ever felt," said 18 year old Edinburg teenager, Pablo Ayar.

He was hit by a car in Edinburg last week after he tried to save his three year old, who quickly wandered into the street.

As soon as I saw the car moving, I wasn TMt scared, I wasn TMt panicked, I just went straight at her and I got her," he described.

The teen saved his cousin and tried to get out of the way, but he said, it was too late.

"I woke up and my right leg was on top of my left [I was] on my back. I just made sure she was fine," said Ayar. Three year old Elizabeth is doing well, but Ayar was rushed to McAllen Medical because his right leg broken in several places. He's already had to undergo three surgeries.

"The surgeries they are doing are just trying to save by leg, but I won't be able to do the things I was planning to do," said Ayar.

Ayar says it TMs a tough pill to swallow, but he's trying to stay optimistic for his family.

I act tough, I show a smile, so my brothers won't worry," he explained.

His mother Dominga Ruiz is extremely proud.There are no words--there's no thinking, I was--I can't ask for a better son," she told Action4 News.

Ayar is still fighting through the pain, but one thing that does bring a smile to his face--is talking about little Elizabeth.She TMs why, he said, he'd do it all over again.

"I prefer it this way than to see her buried, I prefer her to still be alive," he said.

Ayar has another upcoming surgery for his leg and so far doctors told his family that he is healing well. He is also undergoing therapy and is expected to be released in about one month.