Teens raise money for Weslaco teen TMs funeral

Friends of Maria Lopez said they want to raise money so their friend can have a beautiful funeral.

Their generosity is a reflection on Maria--who they say would do the same if she were still here.

On Saturday, the team hosted a car wash. On Sunday a bake sale---in honor of their friend, Cecy.

"I am very proud of them and I TMm very proud of Maria because| that TMs the kind of person that Maria impacts," JV assistant Panthers soccer coach Mary Strickland said.

Leny Hernandez said Cecy was a really good friend and they were planning on going to prom together.

That didn't happen.

On Friday---the day before prom an alleged drunk driver hit her as she was checking her family's mailbox.

All of the planning---the dress, hair do, everything a girl looks forward to, came to a halt.

"She had everything planned out. She was so excited to be going to prom with me and her boyfriend as well and now she can TMt," friend Leny Hernandez said.

Her friends said they're living a nightmare.

Coach Strickland said Maria had a feeling something was going to happen.

Her mom even picked her up from school that day.

The girls are still in shock.

"We still can TMt believe it. We feel that coming Monday we'll see her walking into the locker room with the same face she had every day," Hernandez said.

The team has already raised $7,000 for Maria TMs funeral.

Funeral services are still pending at this time.

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